Exceptional Thinking - Ever wondered what your customers think, staff are doing or competitors are up to...

Mystery shopping is a great way to find out how your customers are feeling, how your team are performing or your competitors are doing. Let us help you find out with our mystery shopping services:  

Your competitors Would you like to find out what your competitors are up to; how they’re positioning themselves, what they’re charging and whether they’re any good at following up?  

We can find out for you. We will put together a scenario that you’re happy with and then phone or visit up to 10 of your competitors to find out how they handle this.  

We’ll write up a full report, let you have recordings of the calls with them and give you a full assessment of their strengths and weaknesses to help you gain a competitive advantage.  

From £497+VAT  

Your customers Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. It’s important to check in with them occasionally to find out how they’re feeling and if there is anything they want you to change.  

We can phone or survey your customers and find out the answers to the burning questions you have. Perhaps you want to know their reaction to a new service you’re considering or maybe you want to know why they stopped working with you.  

We’ll ask your customers and then give you the feedback you want. You’ll get a full report, recordings of calls and we’ll also give you trends and analysis to help your business.  

From £997+VAT  

Your team Would you like to find out how your team are really performing? How do they work with a new customer? How would they handle a complaint?  

Let our team find out for you.  

We will put together scenarios and call up or visit your team to see how they deal with them. We will give you detailed feedback and analysis as well as the recording of any calls made.  

We’ll even suggest ways your team can improve and give them training if necessary.  

From £1,997+VAT 

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