Exceptional Thinking - Explainer Video 

Would you like us to create a one to two minute video such as the one above to explain your business and how it works?  

Here’s how we create one for you:  

Step one: Interview  

We interview you for around 90 minutes over the phone or in person to find out about your business and extract what makes you unique. We’ll then type up our notes so we’re all on the same page.  

Step two: Script  

We’ll write a short script for you to approve and then one of our team will record this into a voiceover.  

Step three: Video production  

Our in-house graphic designer will turn the script and voiceover into a one to two minute explainer video for you. You’ll view this, make any minor amendments and then the video is yours to keep, add to your website, social media or send out by email to your contacts.  

From £497+VAT  

Price includes minor amendments to script and final video.  

Click on the link below to contact us to find out more.